Planting feet firm at thirty, and forging ahead.

As the old saying goes, “thirty years old is the time to stand firm”- a person should stand up in the society and make achievements at the age of about thirty. Southwest Jiaoda Civil Engineering Design Co., Ltd, has also gone through the struggle of “thirty years old” after striving hard.

“Thirty and built”, what we have “built” are monuments. Guangzhou Liede Bridge, Luzhou Guojiao Bridge, Chengdu Tianfu New Area Yunlongwan Bridge, Tianbaowan Bridge, Wuchazi Bridge, Jiaozi Ring, Yizhou Avenue, Chengdu Second Ring Elevated Scheme…… These works are like monuments on the divine land, inscribed with the company’s commitment and dedication. 1 Sichuan Provincial Science and  Technology Progress Award, 67 provincial and ministerial excellent design awards, 43 related invention patents and other honors, highlighting the company’s strong scientific and technological creativity.

“Thirty and standing”, what we “standing” is the block of cornerstones. During the thirty years of struggle, all the employees inherited the spirit of Jiaoda of “training in the real world, self-improvement” and the fine tradition of “strict governance, strict requirements”, and under the leadership of the company team, we have accumulated the corporate culture of “patriotism, dedication, sincerity and unity, excellence and value creation”. The 430 employees who have grown up in the struggle are already the “revolutionary seeds” for more than 430 achievements and the “heavy rock” for more than 430 foundations of the company for a hundred years.

“Thirty and established”, what we “established” is the generation of talents. “We want to establish ourselves and establish others, and we want to achieve and reach others”. The past thirty years have been a historical period of seamless docking between the company and Southwest Jiaotong University. As a technology-based enterprise driven by innovation and an education-based enterprise with the mission of cultivating people, the company has donated RMB 9 million to the university and established the “Southwest Jiaoda Civil Engineering Design Co.,Ltd Innovation Fund”. With these efforts, the characteristics of the company’s talent training base haven been highlighted, and the advantages of integration of education and industry have been strengthened, from which successive classes of integration of education and industry have been strengthened, from which successive classes of civil engineering design talents have set out on the stage of their lives to serve the country and build up their achievements.

Thirty years ago, we started out stumbling and crawling; today, we are flourishing and full of pride. As a university-affiliated enterprise of Southwest Jiaotong University with a strong sense of mission and social responsibility, we stand at the historical starting point of the 30th anniversary of our foundation, facing the future full of hope, with gratitude in our hearts and dreams, we will strive to create more value for society, dedicate better works for people, cultivate better talents for the times, and make greater contributions to national rejuvenation!